Best Natural Deodorant

Deodorants help keep the body smelling clean, getting rid of bacteria build up in the underarm area. Sometimes these contain harsh formulas and chemicals that can be harmful to the body, resulting in dark underarms and can even result in clogged pores and irritation.

Natural deodorants don’t block pores and are made of clean and natural ingredients, keeping bacteria and body odor at bay. Check our top 10 recommendations below:

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Native Deodorant for Women and Men, Coconut & Vanilla

Native Deodorant is a solid deodorant that you can apply easily. Since the deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum, it won’t stain your clothes. We tested thousands of ingredients before finding a recipe that feels light and fresh under your arms, but provides you with effective protection against odor and wetness.

This natural deodorant from NATIVE is suitable for both men and women and is highly rated with thousands of 5-star reviews. It’s a solid type deodorant so it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave your underarms wet. Its formulated with only natural ingredients and does not contain harsh chemicals.

Cruelty-free, Aluminum-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, Talc-free
Featured Ingredients
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Tapioca Starch, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Magnesium Hydroxide

ARM & HAMMER Essentials Deodorant

A deodorant that keeps you fresh with the power of Baking Soda and natural plant extracts. Free of aluminum, parabens, colorants, or animal-derived ingredients, it has a natural scent of rosemary and lavender that keeps you smelling clean, naturally. It fights odors and keeps up with you and your busy day, so you stay confident all day.

ARM & HAMMER has grown into a global Brand but still remains to be environmentally responsible and using pure, sustainably-sourced ingredients in this natural deodorant. Formulated with natural plant extracts and pure baking soda to fight tough odors, it also contains the fresh blend of rosemary and lavender.

Free of aluminum, parabens, colorants, or animal-derived ingredients
Featured Ingredients
Baking soda, Rosemary, Lavender

Underarmed for Women & Men, Lavender + Eucalyptus

Have you ever tried a natural deodorant and been disappointed — with it failing you at the worst, possible moment? Natural deodorants are notorious for not working. I tried all of them I could find and was met with disappointment. That’s when I set out to create a solution. After 2 years and over 200 formulations, it’s finally ready! An all natural aluminum free deodorant that actually works.

A natural deodorant that provides all day protection, safe for both men and women – and even kids. This deodorant goes on clear and invisible, it is made with only the most natural ingredients and does not contain any of the following: parabens, SLS, propylene glycol, phthalates, triclosan, synthetic fragrance.
No aluminum, chlorohydrate, or zirconium. No animal testing, cruelty free.
Featured Ingredients
Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils, Organic coconut oil, beeswax, avocado butter, sunflower oil, all natural vitamin E

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant for Men and Women, Charcoal + Magnesium

Helps neutralize odor and absorb wetness. No aluminum. No propylene glycol. No artificial fragrance. Award winning natural formula. Gluten free.

Enriched with magnesium and activated charcoal, this natural deodorant by Schmidt’s is an award-winning deodorant for every body that gives you 24-hour protection. 100% vegan, this natural deodorant is made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, candelilla wax, and natural essential oils.

Cruelty-free. Does not contain: Aluminum salts, Artificial fragrance, Filler Ingredients Propylene glycol, Phthalates, Parabens
Featured Ingredients
Activated Charcoal, Magnesium

MagSol Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant for Men and Women

MAGSOL Magnesium Deodorant is a clean label deodorant that is gentle on skin and actually works. 1st natural deodorant to use Magnesium Oxide to control odor. Perfect for ultra-sensitive skin users who have irritation to other natural deodorants. Only 4 skin loving natural ingredients that work: sweet almond oil, beeswax, magnesium oxide & essential oils. Smooth gliding formula, no baking soda! Born in Houston, Texas.

MAGSOL’s natural magnesium deodorant is simple, safe, effective and keeps you fresh all day long. Suitable for ultra-sensitive skin users who have irritation to other natural deodorants. Its natural formula makes the deodorant glide on smoothly on application and is free of BPA, parabens, and synthetic fragrances.

Alcohol-free, Cruelty-free, Organic. Aluminum-free. Does not contain baking soda.
Featured Ingredients
Sweet almond oil, Beeswax, Magnesium oxide & essential oils

Art of Sport Men's Deodorant - Victory Scent

Art of Sport Antiperspirant Deodorant for men stick is engineered from the ground up by the world’s leading skincare scientists to keep your body fresh and protected all day. Moisture Wicking Control will keep you cool on and off the field, and our Odor and Sweat Block Technology will keep you smelling fresh all day. Our formula is dermatologist tested and non-irritating, and it’s made with better ingredients.

Art of Sport natural deodorant keeps your body cool, and leaves you smelling great. With a combination of natural eucalyptus, orange peel and juniper, get that fresh and energized scent that lasts all day. Get long-lasting freshness with this natural deodorant that’s tough and made for athletes.

Paraben-free, aluminum-free. Dermatologist-tested, non-irritating, pH balanced.
Featured Ingredients
Matcha, arrowroot powder.

Tom's of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant

Aluminum free natural deodorant in Tea Tree scent; Toms deodorant promises 24 hour odor protection with all natural ingredients. Each morning trust that Toms deodorant keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day with 24 hour protection.

An established brand since 1970, Tom’s of Maine gives you a natural deodorant that contains no artificial scents or preservatives. Formulated with a combination of naturally sourced ingredients, this natural deodorant will keep you feeling fresh for up to 24 hours.

Not tested on animals. No artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives.
Featured Ingredients
Tea tree extract

Crystal Mineral Deodorant Roll-On, Lavender & White Tea

All natural protection. Natural Deodorant Protection: Crystal Mineral Deodorant is made of natural mineral salts and infused with the refreshing aroma of lavender and white tea, leaves an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. Long-lasting, non-sticky, non-staining and leaves no white residue. Safe for the environment.

Dermatologist tested, this natural deodorant from Crystal will not leave skin feeling sticky or oily. One of the world’s leading natural mineral salt deodorant, this does not leave residue, staining, and white marks. While most deodorants mask odor with heavy scents or fragrances, Crystal deodorants prevent body odor at its source by creating an unfriendly environment for odor-causing bacteria.

No Phthalates. Paraben-free. Hypoallergenic. Cruelty-free.
Featured Ingredients
Lavender, white tea

Humble Brands All Natural Deodorant, Moroccan Rose

CLEAN, SAFE & EFFECTIVE NATURAL DEODORANT – Simply contains 4 clean ingredients, plus essential oils for a variety of irresistible scents. 100% refund if you do not love this deodorant. 30 day money back guarantee.

Crafter in Taos, New Mexico this natural deodorant from Humblr Brands is made with all natural ingredients sourced sustainably. It does not contain aluminum, alcohol, dyes, parabens or artificial fragrance making it suitable for sensitive underarms. With the scent of moroccan rose that’s fresh, warm and sweet, get sweat and odor protection all day.

Cruelty-free. Does not contain aluminum, alcohol, dyes, parabens or artificial fragrance.
Featured Ingredients
Corn starch, Fractioned coconut oil, Beeswax, Baking soda, Natural essential oils

Each & Every Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

Made with 6 clean ingredients and essential oils, this healthy long-lasting deodorant suits all types of skin, including sensitive, and uses Dead Sea Salt instead of baking soda. Sustainable, Plant-Based Packaging: We use recyclable plant-based packaging made from sugarcane, a 100% renewable plant that is carbon negative and earth positive.

A natural deodorant from Each & Every, it is made with natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals, suitable for sensitive skin. With the rose and vanilla scent it creates a balance of floral and slightly sweet scent that’s warm and inviting.

Cruelty-free. Alcohol-free, Fragrance-free. Free of aluminum, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, parabens, baking soda, and phthalates.
Featured Ingredients
Dead Sea Salt, Rose and Vanilla extracts